I bet you are all wondering how CHANGIE came to be... I will tell you! It all started off with a simple phone call from a dear old pal, Andrew, who wanted to hire me for some wardrobe work. As we were finishing the discussion on the Star Wars project they were starting, Andrew said he and the crew would be in AZ land, and invited me to a BBQ that weekend. I was under the impression that this BBQ gathering was for work, networking, etc... Lo and behold, as my friend and I were exiting off the freeway after a long drive, Andrew called to ask if he mentioned that it was actually a Bachelor party.... I screamed "NOOOO!!!!" When I got off the phone about to pull up to the BBQ, I broke the news to my friend and said, "Well it's always an interesting time with me to say the least" (This hang out with my friend was our first one). When we arrived, there were 20 guys all BBQin'! One of them in particular took me over to the BBQ and grilled me my first carne asada in 8 years, because I was a vegetarian up until I met this man. This man being Chase Boyajian! By the way, this was totally the first meat I'd had in a long time. Needless to say it was the first of many memorable moments I would share with my Chase. And now after almost 3 years, we can't wait to share what I have no doubt will be our most memorable day yet... 04/14/2018!